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GETTING TO “I DO”: Our Journeys to Marriage Equality

MEUSA has launched its latest marriage equality story-sharing initiative in conjunction with the story-telling website Cowbird. Help us change hearts and minds. Share with us your personal stories about relationships, family, marriage, advocacy, and equality. Read more…

National Marriage Equality Map - Updated January 6

Policy and Legal Update – March 24-30, 2014

MEUSA closely monitors marriage equality polls, ballots, laws, and lawsuits nationwide, and updates out website with changes in these areas on a near-daily basis. Every Monday we update you here with policy and legal updates covering the preceding week. You may also always find the most up-to-date information on the Current Policy & Legal Status page on the MEUSA website. See details on this week’s status updates…

Melanie Servetas and Claudia Amaral

Same-Sex Binational Couple Still Fighting to Return Home

Melanie Servetas and Claudia Amaral, a married, same-sex binational couple living in exile in Amaral’s home country of Brazil are one of the tens of thousands of couples who have found themselves caught in the backlog of cases waiting to be approved for an American green card. Read more…

Analysis & Opinion

A Whirlwind Six Weeks Ahead for Marriage Equality

Last year at this time, the United States Supreme Court had just finished hearing oral arguments in two LGBT cases that resulted in landmark marriage equality rulings striking down Section 3 of DOMA and Proposition 8. Although LGBT rights are not before the high court in 2014, this year promises to be a barnburner of a year for marriage equality litigation in lower courts with a dizzying sixty cases pending in thirty states or territories of the United States. Consider what’s ahead in just the next six weeks…

MEUSA in the News

Celebrating Marriage Equality in Utah

The message came through at 1:53 pm on Friday: “KSL NEWSRADIO: Fed judge rules Utah’s Amendment 3 unconstitutional. Amend 3 denies marriage between 1 woman & 1 man and bans gay marriage.” A little cheer escaped my lips as I sat in my office in disbelief. I immediately called Jolene, my wife of 23 days after our marriage in Vancouver, WA, and told her the news. I asked her to search online to see if she could find out if it was true. In the meantime, the Salt Lake Tribune website issued a release stating that Amendment 3 had been struck down. Read more…


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