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Love Wins in San Francisco

The atmosphere inside San Francisco City Hall was electric as we received the historic decisions from the Supreme Court together with our friends, loved ones, and community. The shouts and cheers of joy as the rulings were announced rang out throughout the rotunda, as we learned of the landmark decisions. The end of Proposition 8 […]

Generations of Pride

As we prepare to join hundreds of thousands of other LGBTIQ people for the iconic annual march down Market Street to show our pride, humanity and dignity to the world, we find our thoughts turning to one of the most meaningful Pride Parades for us as a family. A few years ago, our parents, now […]

Building El Dorado: A Decade of Love Fuels My Drive to Achieve Marriage Equality

Next week is our anniversary. That is, one of our anniversaries. I’ve joked that one of the rare upsides to the lack of marriage equality is that unlike our opposite-sex counterparts, for whom the wedding anniversary is the focus for commemorating the relationship, same-sex couples can celebrate a number of mini anniversaries. For example, Jeff […]