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MEUSA Volunteer Celebrates Oakland Pride

By Kirsten Berzon

As a proud Oakland resident since the young age of 4, I never would have thought growing up that I would be attending an Oakland Pride event. Now in its 4th year, the event attracts over 50,000 people, as diverse as Oakland itself- families with children in tow, cowboys, drag queens, hipsters, high school students, and lavender seniors.

Labor Day weekend was once again a celebration of LGBT Pride in downtown Oakland and Marriage Equality USA was there. While we celebrate the historic recent repeal of Prop 8 and Section 3 of DOMA, there are still 37 states where LGBT people cannot marry the person they love; for those people we remain dedicated to the battle ahead.

Oakland Pride Family

One of the many groups photographed at the MEUSA booth during Oakland Pride

Marriage Equality USA was engaged in getting the word out about the battleground states to watch in the near future and signing up new members who want to take part in the work ahead. The booth also included complimentary photography by Levi Smith Photography, complete with handmade signage such as “We Are A Loving Couple, Love Makes a Family,” etc. In the end, Levi photographed nearly 40 groups including groups of friends, long term couples, and parents and their children, all of whom were excited to take part in the photo booth which is a testament to the diversity of our community.

Mark your calendar for Labor Day weekend 2014 and join Marriage Equality USA at Oakland Pride. You’ll be glad you did.


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