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MEUSA Teams with Freedom Indiana

This year has ushered in several marriage equality victories, including seven additional marriage equality states and a Supreme Court ruling affording federal benefits to married couples across the country. Building on this momentum, and to prevent marriage equality opponents from regaining their footing, MEUSA is proud to announce an alliance with its National Equality Action Team (NEAT) and Freedom Indiana to stop the Indiana legislature from putting a marriage equality referendum on the ballot that has the potential to add a marriage equality prohibition to the state constitution.

MEUSA is seeking volunteers from across the country to sign up immediately to help stop this harmful initiative! Volunteers will connect Indiana residents who support same-sex couples and their families with their local legislators. Hoosiers will be encouraged to tell their legislators how this far-reaching amendment would limit freedoms and be unfair to gay families. MEUSA will provide volunteers with training, support and resources. Contacting legislators works, as NEAT recently witnessed with victories in Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, and Illinois. Anyone with internet access, a phone, and a desire to help CAN make a difference. Those interested in volunteering can go to www.theneat.org to sign up to make calls from home or from one of several locations to support love and freedom for all Hoosiers.


About Marriage Equality USA

Marriage Equality USA is a volunteer-driven national grassroots organization whose mission is: "To secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity, at the state and federal level through grassroots organizing, education, action and partnerships". We are a registered 501(c)3.

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