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A Marriage Equality Legacy: From Practical Struggles to a “Love Affair” with the Gay Community

Edie Windsor hugs interviewer Cathy Marino-Thomas

In the final segment of MEUSA’s interview with Edie Windsor, Edie recalls the real-life consequences of being denied the right to marry and her transition from a community outsider to advocate. From legal obstacles during her 40+ year relationship with Thea Spyer to a whopping tax bill of approximately half a million dollars after Thea’s death to her embrace of “those queens” she saw marching at her first pride parade, Edie’s journey embodies the transformation of gay and lesbian Americans over the last half-century.

A playlist of all three parts follows:

About Marriage Equality USA

Marriage Equality USA is a volunteer-driven national grassroots organization whose mission is: "To secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity, at the state and federal level through grassroots organizing, education, action and partnerships". We are a registered 501(c)3.

One comment on “A Marriage Equality Legacy: From Practical Struggles to a “Love Affair” with the Gay Community

  1. After the breakup of my marriage, I moved into the heart of Philadelphia, Pa. With 3 young children to raise & no real education, bartending became my salvation. Living in an area full of bars & after hours clubs, my circle of friends quickly grew into a very large group with a.majority of gay people. I remember meeting some very serious people amongst those who had me laughing & joyously dancing more often than not. One of those serious people was Barbara Gittings. My closeness to what we now label the LGBT community was easy to fall into. My Aunt Sue was gay & I adored her & her partner, Meryl. Sue was a fine art painter who had been an Army photographer during WWII. After a 60 year relationship, loving & giving, when Meryl was in the hospital dying, they refused to allow my Aunt Sue in to see here. Meryl no longer had any blood relatives. I was old enough to be furious at this injustice. Today, as a Life-Cycle Celebrant, trained & certified to create & officiate weddings, I specialize in LGBT weddings. It is my plessure, my passion to do so. With every state that passes a marriage equality bill, I jump for joy. My home state, PA recently joined the ranks. I look forward to working with more LGBT Pennsylvanians. Kudos to every state who has a Marriage Equality Bill in place. It’s been a long time coming.

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